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-kandi kid
-marvel, dc, saw, mayhem, wwdits, ofmd , sex pistols + more!

dni= do not interact
if you are into or are apart of the following groups, do not message me at all. i will and can block you if you say otherwise!
-homophobes,abelists,zoophiles,kiddie diddlers, racists, etc
-right wing people
-charles smith (irl)
-anyone that is dreamgender or dreamsexual
-dream defenders

Emoji indicators
💕in love
🚀dont dm!
🍪please dm me
💎having an episode
🧿doing witchy stuff
🧸age regressing
🎀need to vent
🏝watching tv/movies
🍕slow replies
fast replies
⛄️shopping/out doing things
🌈playing a game